“India Can Become Machine Tool Hub”

Birth of new Machine Tool factory in India.
(Kanyakumari Unit,Jammu Unit, Hardoi Unit(Uttar Pradesh)

Demand Of Machine Tool Builders In India

India’s machine tools sector is a critical part of the overall manufacturing sector, as it provides the machinery that delivers a manufacturing output and drives productivity and growth Machine tools industry is key to manufacturing, the success of Make in India/Skill India Initiatives.

Growth in the manufacturing sector has led to a rapid increase in demand, especially for increasingly sophisticated CNC machines. While imports have risen to meet the demand, local capacity in machine tools needs to be built to cater to long term growth.

User segments such as automobiles and auto components and consumer goods are the key drivers for demand. Machine tool manufacturers will need to focus on the needs of these segments and look at developing customized products.

However, India occupies 13th position in global machine tool production and India’s share in global production is about 0.9 percent and where as China is 22.1%.

RSSK CNC Automation is the startup company establishing a machine tool factory at industrywise backward district Kanyakumari.

Additionally, we are proposed to establish the machine tool factory at Jammu and Hardoi District of Uttar Pradesh states to generate employment through industries development.

We also develop our sales and service network via Seacoast district of our country and upper part and northeast part of our country to serve the nation.

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